What We Are All About

Our Purpose: To design and fabricate Zephyr dehumidification equipment for the HVAC industry.

Our Responsibility: To provide a safe and healthy environment not only where we live day to day, but throughout the world. For our employees, to create a dynamic environment where each individual can grow to experience new opportunities and expand their creativity for new and innovative methods of product fabrication allowing us to compete in our global market.

Our Response to Our Customers: To utilize innovative engineering and manufacturing methods for precision design and fabrication of quality dehumidification equipment unparalleled in the HVAC industry that is reliable and serviceable. To maintain the highest standards to ensure our customers receive quick response from sales, on-time deliveries from manufacturing and fast turn-around time from our service group.


The development of the Zephyr Dehumidifying Pool Water Heater unit began in 1983 with the first installation in Bangor, Maine in September of 1984.

In 2002, Air Technology Inc. purchased the Intellectual Property of Dumont Dehumidification Equipment.

Today, Air Technology Inc. can manufacture, distribute and provide service throughout the world. As a leading manufacturer of dehumidification systems for over 7 years in 60,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, Air Technology Inc. is utilizing state-of-the-art technology in product design and fabrication, thus enabling Air Technology Inc. to reach total globalization.

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