Air Technology is experienced in designing dehumidification systems for all types of pool environments. Applications such as hotels, schools & universities, and water parks are just a few!


Industrial environments such as storage & warehouse, pharmaceutical, healthcare facilities, laboratories, and even restaurants are some of Air Technology's professional designed dehumidification systems.


Along with Pool and Industrial environments, Air Technology is experienced handling all types of manufacturing environments including process and test labs.


At Air Techonology, Inc., we strive to custom design and manufacture Zephyr dehumidification systems to suit the customers specific needs. We have created a process that has proven to satisfy.

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Upper Hand

Unlike our competitors, we can service your existing Zephyr dehumidification system with OEM suppliers for all your part replacement needs. By doing so, this keeps us one step ahead of your competition.

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Whether your requirement demands new construction or retrofit, Air Technology, Inc. is dedicated to finding a solution to your indoor air quality needs. Contact us for an estimate to your next project!

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